I am Cameron, a young political savvy 14-year-old. I am going to be writing articles about the Trump administration, partisan politics, and much more. I am going to be giving you my perspective, and hopefully, I can influence your opinion.

This blog started as a 20 Time project for my eighth grade English class. 20 Time is where you spend a section of your day/ week/ month at work or school focusing on a passion project of your choice. Since I was little, I have had a passion for learning about politics, history, and current events.

The main goal of Young Not Stupid has been to not only to share my opinions on hot-button issues in politics but also make sure people get their facts about an event correctly. There is so much “coating” in journalism today, meaning that writers mix in their own bias with facts, and is ruining how people get their news.

Continuing on, many stereotype young people as incompetent on current events issues. This site is to prove them wrong. The slogan for Young Not Stupid is “a new perspective” because media outlets fill their airtime with commentators with repetitive ideas, that most of the time do not truly represent the views of the American people.





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USA Map by Krisztián Mátyás from the Noun Project