From Healthcare to the Attorney General: A Busy Two Days in Washington


The Senate takes a procedural vote in order to continue the health care debate. Pence broke the tie, allowing the discussion on the repealing of Obamacare to continue. John McCain made his return to the Senate in order to vote, making a powerful speech afterward, keep in mind that the Congressmen from Arizona had brain surgery only 11 days before. He took notice to the fact how most discussions in Congress now “are more partisan, more tribal more of the time than any other time I [McCain] remember.”

In other news, President Donald Trump held a Press Conference in the White House Rose Garden with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Donald Trump took questions about what the two leaders discussed and about Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Time will tell” according to Trump in regards as to whether or not he will fire Sessions because of his recusal in the Russia investigation months ago.


Trump launches a stream of tweets ranging from Jeff Sessions to transgender people in the military. Read them here:


In regards to his comments about transgender people in the military, it is important to note that there are 15,000 people serving in the military who are transgender. Everyone from Conservative lobbyists to Liberal activists are angered about the move to ban the large amount of soliders because of their gender identity. It is unclear at the moment how this action will even be taken. 

Also on Wednesday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had an on camera press briefing. During the conference, Sanders read a letter from a 9-year-old sent to President Trump. The reading of a letter will now become a routine at every press briefing. She also presented Donald Trump’s paycheck to the Department of Education Secretary Betsey Devos (he donated the $100,000 to the Department of Education).

In the Rose Garden, Donald Trump gave a speech to the boys and girls that are part of the American Legion.

Meanwhile, the Senate has been making attempts to amend Obamacare. The ‘Repeal and Replace’ and ‘Repeal and Delay’ (repeal parts of Obamacare over course of next two years) amendments have failed. The next amendment to be voted on will be a ‘Skinny Repeal’ (get rid of medical device tax and not punish companies and people who do not have insurance).


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