Sen. John McCain Diagnosed with Brain Cancer

Yesterday evening, news surfaced that Arizona Senator John McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer, after having a tumor (called a glioblastoma) removed from above his left eye last week. The former Presidential nominee and POW is determined to come “back soon” to serve his duties in Congress.

Figures from both sides of the aisle have shown support for the Senator during this tough time for him. President Trump, as expected, issued a statement of McCain. He noted that “Senator John McCain has always been a fighter.” In addition, former opponent Barack Obama told McCain on Twitter to “Give it [cancer] hell, John.”

It is unknown when and if the 80-year-old Senator will return to Congress. Major legislation in regards to healthcare is a key issue facing the Senate over the past couple of months. McCain’s Republican vote is important to pushing Congress’s and the President’s agenda forward. However, hopefully, his situation will be another reminder of unity in our current political climate.

Young Not Stupid will give updates if there are any major developments.


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