Trump attends G20 summit

The Facts

The G20 summit has commenced late this week. Major world leaders from 20 countries are currently coming together to discuss issues ranging from trade deals to security threats. Trump has already met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, where they even discussed Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Many people are actively against G20, with major protests a few miles outside the summit in Hamburg, Germany. They are said to be protesting capitalism and President Donald Trump among other things. The Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, even decided to go to Germany to join the crowds.

My Opinion

The G20 summit is a fantastic time for leaders to find solutions to the most challenging problems facing our world. In regard’s to America, this is an ideal time for the President to meet with leaders and talk about topics that have been rattling the world.

Many critics have pressured Donald Trump to mention the election hackings in the bilateral meeting with Putin, as that is all certain media outlets have been focusing on in recent months. In what was planned to be a meeting no more than 40 minutes, the now over 2-hour long meeting included Trump pressing Putin on the cyber attacks. This was a smart move, as Donald Trump has avoided a CNN or Fox News panel discussing everything he did wrong or right by not mentioning the investigation.

Next, the massive protests of G20. Clearly, these people are not huge fans of world progress. Anytime when leaders of this planet come together to find peaceful solutions to issues, it should certainly be praised. Bill De Blasio decided to fight against world advancements instead of attending the police swearing-in ceremony for his own city! Him coming there did not make things any better for this world, but the G20 summit has before and will continue to, even under President Trump.

The Verdict

Any opportunity for world leaders to meet and come to a consensus on anything that will make this planet a better place to live should be honored.


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