Justice Anthony Kennedy could retire as soon as this month

Update: Anthony Kennedy has decided not to retire. 

The Facts

Rumors have surfaced in regards to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. He was sworn into office in 1988, meaning he has served on the court for 29 years. Kennedy is now 80 years old and is said to be considering retirement. The announcement could come as soon as this coming week, due to the end of the court’s session before summer.

The Justice is a Republican. He is, however, known to take Liberal stances on social issues that the court handles. The fact that Kennedy is considered a versatile member is vital to minimizing political division in the court. This means that if he retires, then the court will be unable to make a decision without politics getting largely in the way.

It is important to mention that Trump had already appointed Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court during his first 100 days in office, making this the President’s second nomination he would have to make. Many are concerned about this, as Donald Trump is likely to pick a Conservative judge simply because he is a Republican.  

My Opinion

Saying since Kennedy has been on the Supreme Court for such a long time, like many other judges, it is only logical to “cycle them out”. Doing so will assure the fact that the people on the panel will be able to make sensible decisions for the court. Respectively, the average age of the justices is 67 years old, and 70 years old if you remove Neil Gorsuch from the picture. As justices spend more time serving, they may be more likely to figure out ways on how the court can benefit them as opposed to defending the law and the American people. Although this is unlikely to occur, it is still a smart precautionary measure to maintain law and order.


Trump has already had an opportunity to get a Conservative judge on the Supreme Court. If the President were to pick another Republican who was not a moderate onto the panel, then that would ruin the dynamic of the court, which well represents the views of the American people.

The Verdict

It is time for Justice Kennedy to retire, but Donald Trump needs to be careful as to who he picks as his successor.


Updates will be given on Young Not Stupid as to whether or not he retires.


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