Political Divide in Nation has grown too large- Coverage of Rep. Scalise incident

It disappoints me how our nation has come to such a low. On Wednesday, Majority House Whip Rep. Steve Scalise, a Tyson Foods lobbyist, and two Capitol police officers were shot by a man from Illinois. The suspect is dead and the police officers are recovering. Rep. Steve Scalise and Matt Mica from Tyson foods are both in critical condition. The event took place at a baseball practice for the yearly Congressional baseball game, which went on last night despite the occurrence. 21 other congressmen (all Republican) were also at the practice.

The man was a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer (Sanders has condemned the incident) who had a known anti-Trump presence on and offline. The political divide in this nation had led a person to resort to major violence against many Republican members of our Congress. A division like this is fueled by everything around us and it is almost impossible not to take a side in such a hostile political environment.

All television and internet news media has caused this anger in our country. Whether it is the so-called “mainstream media” or right winged outlets, they are all taking part in creating this mob of governmental obstruction or unconditional praise.

Some people are deeply passionate about politics. Occasionally, a small handful of them may become radical left or radical right. In the case of this incident, the suspect was radical left. But, I would like to write about how we should become much more united after this tragedy, even though it is such an unfortunate thing to finally heal this split.

First, I am all for free speech and the freedom of protest, but there are just too many groups that have lost their original message. For example, the LA Pride Day Parade had become a Resist March. Many large protests have originally lost their positive meaning and had become anti-Trump or anti-Conservative marches. When events like these happen, it is unclear as to what many people actually stand for. Liberals and Conservatives alike need articulate leaders to present a clear, concise, and detailed message to the American people on a variety of issues the nation and maybe even the world is facing.

Now that we have the opposition clearly established, it is time for those sides to start work together. A good way to do this in Congress is by going back to the basic ‘what we want, what they want, and what we both want’ negotiation strategy. However, the men and women in Congress will need to be willing to compromise in order for that to function.

Next is to figure out a way to stop the spread of fake news, as that causes many people to believe false things about a politician, issue, or party. Tech giants like Facebook and Twitter should try their hardest to make sure they can censor a post when it contains a link to a fake news article in order to prevent its spread.

Of course, getting rid of the political divide in America will take time and effort from everyone. I will leave you on this: it is always important to remember to place our humanity before politics.

To find out more about how Rep. Scalise is doing, click here.




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